FLY ASH BRICKS is a consumed buildup of pummeled coal (bituminous or sub-bituminous) and is siliceous in nature. In recent decades, R&D endeavors were attempted and it has been demonstrated that this material can be used in number of routes in building development items and in addition in common works with satisfactory strength. Significant zones of fly fiery remains usage are Building materials, for example, Bricks, Blocks, Tiles, and so forth. Additionally utilized as a part of Grouting, Engineered fills for low-lying land spaces for human settlement, use in Road Construction and Construction of fiery remains dykes and banks. 

Fly Ash block is a result of fundamental concrete clinker materials i.e. FLY ASH, STONE DUST/SAND, LIME, GYPSUM and BONDING AGENT. The blend is so in a perfect world worked out to create blocks of higher quality with consistency and in addition consistency. The assembling procedure is completely programmed with condition of craftsmanship innovation. Despite the fact that another age item presented in the market, Fly Ash blocks are extremely all around acknowledged by the sorted out divisions in overwhelming businesses, tall structures, vast townships, states, and so on as a result of extraordinary highlights and merits. 

Points of interest : FLY ASH BRICKS
Sturdiness : 
Higher Compressive quality when contrasted with any traditional blocks. 
Lower water assimilation when contrasted with regular blocks. 
Higher protection from Salinity and water leakage. 
No salt-setting inclinations/No flowering. 

Stylish APPEAL : 
Smooth surfaces and uniform sizes. 
Better warm properties. 
More slender brick work joints with higher consistency. 
Higher agreeableness for uncovered block brick work. 

Lesser nos. of blocks utilization due to customary full sizes. 
Wastage part bring down at site. 
Lesser concrete mortar utilization in light of more slender joints. 
Saving money on putting because of lesser mortar thickness. 

Very nearly 30% lower cost for each unit of development.


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